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2018 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys of all Ages

By on November 15, 2018

Are you in need of Christmas gift ideas for boys? Then let us help you. 

Over the past few months my six and nine year old boys (and I) have been busy playing with loads of cool products. Some were gifted to us to review and others we’ve purchased ourselves. Our Christmas Gift Guide only includes products we really love and we think will be a big hit with your boys too. 

There’s something to suit every boy, with a focus on portable play (if you’re on the move this Christmas and beyond). From books to Lego, science kits and soccer balls, we’ve got you covered. Most of these products are probably suited to girls too, however as a Mum of two boys, I can only speak for the boys!

All of the gift ideas are suitable for the ages of our boys however we’ve included the recommended age from the product packaging for an additional guide. 

Please let me know in the comments below, if you have any questions. We like to feel useful. Happy shopping!!!


Lil’ travellers 

1. Teebee Box (ages 3+)

$49.95, Teebe

These cute portable toy boxes are designed for kids aged 3 -12 years who are on-the-go. The minute my six year old opened his Teebee Box for the first time, he ran upstairs to his bedroom and filled it with his favourite Lego. I love how the lids open up to form a lap tray perfect for playing or drawing while travelling. They can also be used as a portable lunchbox. Looks like we’re sorted for our upcoming road trip!


2.Travelling with Kids Travel Journal

$24.95, Travelling with Kids 

If you’re after a practical present your boys can keep forever, then this is the gift. This fun journal is Australian-made and includes 92 pages for kids to write and draw about their daily travel adventures.

My little man really enjoyed writing about his first time skiing during our recent trip to Queenstown. We now have all of his precious memories in this one journal and are planning to use it for an upcoming news topic at school!

If you do decide to purchase a kids travel journal via the link above, we’ll earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.


3.Very Busy Bag (ages 1+)

$49.95, Very Busy Bag 

The gift that keeps on giving! These adorable custom-made bags are ideal for any child aged 1-12 years. Like any family we are always on-the-go. Our Very Busy Bags have helped keep my boys occupied during road trips, in waiting rooms, when dining out or simply when us parents need a break.

We first used our bags on a 40 degree day when my boys were stuck inside and I didn’t want them looking at a screen all day. They were literally amused for hours. Once your kids have worked their way through the activities, you can purchase a refill pack.  We’ve got our bags and refill pack ready to go for our upcoming road trip from Sydney to Brisbane.



4. Tiny Timmy Super Collection!

$20, Big W

Every Christmas I like to buy our boys ‘something to read’. For the 5-10 year old age group it is a great opportunity to purchase a set of their favourite early reader books. At the moment my soccer-mad six year old is loving the ‘Tiny Timmy’ Super Collection. He also continues to be obsessed with the ‘Hey Jack’ series which focus on the topic of kids feelings. We would highly recommend either of these book sets for your little men.

Click here for more of our favourite books. They would all make fantastic Christmas gift ideas for boys.


Mini Scientists 

5. IS GIFT Make Your Own Lava Kit (ages 8+)

$24.95, Seed 

This impressive science kit has everything you need to create an erupting volcano, your own lava lamp and self-inflating balloons. All of the chemicals are separately packaged and clear instructions are included on how to do these fun simple experiments at home. Our boys were so excited to watch the lava lamp in action once they added fizzy tablets to the oil. They wanted to do the experiment again and again. Parental supervision is required for these activities due to the chemicals provided in the kit.


Active kids

6. Tiger Tribe Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set (ages 5+)

$25, Tiger Tribe  

Both of my boys were really into this activity set. They loved the novelty of a stopwatch and the challenge of learning how to work it. Once they had that sorted they started working their way through the fun activities in the cute book provided. Our boys faves were timing how long they could keep the balloons (provided in the set) off the floor and saying the alphabet as quickly as they could. I’m really looking forward to taking this one on holidays with us.


7. PARK SSC Soccer Ball


Would you like to purchase a gift that helps kids all around the world in need? When you purchase one of these cool quality soccer balls, PARK SSC passes an identical ball on to a kid in need. 

Our boys really love the bright design on these balls and after watching them repeatedly kick their ball around the yard during recent months, I can confirm they are made to last. PARK Social Soccer Co. has truely proven that ‘Soccer can change the world’. 


8. Tiger Tribe Dartball – Shark Zone (ages 3+)

$25, Tiger Tribe 

A modern version of an oldie but a goodie! Our boys are still loving the challenge of throwing three velcro balls at this cool shark board to get the highest score possible. If you throw a ball inside the sharks mouth you get the highest score!! The board has a different game on either side which continues to keep our boys amused for ages. Love how this game is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Dinosaur lovers 

9. IS GIFT Make Your Own Dinosaur Kit (ages 6+)

$24.95, Seed

This kit was a big hit with our creative six year old. Using the clay (which feels like kinetic sand) and the different moulds provided he had heaps of fun creating his own colourful dinosaurs. There’s even a background scene included to display your dinosaurs against it. 


Creative kids 

10. Tiger Tribe Transfer Magic – Create a Car (ages 3+)

$12, Tiger Tribe   

Most little boys love cars! This super easy crafting activity is perfect for those aged three years and over. My little man enjoyed designing his own custom car using the cool collection of transfers provided. You’ll find lightening bolts, mag wheels, hot-rod helmets and more. A great portable play option for little ones who don’t like to sit still unless they have an activity to keep them occupied. 


11.Tiger Tribe Shrinkies – Ultimate Collection (ages 5+)

$20, Tiger Tribe

Who remembers Shrinkies from their childhood? Maybe I’m showing my age but I used to love them! Now my six year old does too. My little man enjoyed colouring the cool designs which for the boys include skateboards, guitars, burgers, robots and more. He needed a little help cutting the designs out before I put them in the oven for a few minutes. He was amazed at how much they shrink and still has his shrinkie keyring proudly hanging off his schoolbag. 


Lego crazy kids

12. Various Lego sets

Lego has been popular in our household since the boys turned four years old. Now that our house is overflowing with Lego, I tend to go for the CREATOR boxes where kids can make three different things out of the lego in the box. 

My little dude’s pick for his recent birthday was the CREATOR skateboard ramp. He is loving the mini Lego skateboard, basketball hoop and ball. Another favourite of his is the Lego Technic Blaster which is a pull-back car that blasts out a piece of Lego when it runs into something, My nine year old is all about the more collectable pieces such as the big boxes of Technic Lego and Star Wars Lego.


Lil’ fashionistas

13. PARK SSC ‘Soccer Can Change the World’ T Shirt


Your soccer mad boys will really love this cool statement tee. I’m sure they’d also love to know that by purchasing the tee they’re helping disadvantaged kids and youth. Sadly many kids don’t have the access or opportunity to freely play. PARK SSC are slowly changing this by giving kids around the world a soccer ball to play with. They’re proving that ‘Soccer can change the world’.


14. Country Road Boys Clothing

CR Polo T-Shirt RRP: $34.95, Surf Van Board Short RRP: $39.95, Buckle Sandal RRP: $54.95, Archie Kids Beach Towel RRP: $49.95 – Country Road

I always use Christmas as an excuse to buy my boys a few quality outfits. My usual go-to is Country Road for gorgeous polos, board shorts and tees. We’re loving everything about this cute Summer outfit below.


Coding kids

15. littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit (ages 8+)

$249, JB Hi-Fi 

If your boys love coding and superheroes they will love this cool kit. Our boys both had heaps of fun designing a high tech superhero gauntlet to strap on their arm. Once the gauntlet is designed, kids can code it with different superhero powers.

Our boys had a blast changing the colours on the LED matrix light design and adding sound effects. You just have to download the free Avengers Hero Inventor app which has easy to follow instructions from Iron Man! Such a great toy for encouraging STEAM learning.

Although the recommended age for this toy is eight years and over, our six year old really enjoyed this kit. He managed to do all of the activities with supervision and assistance from me.



Stocking fillers 

16. Dinosaur slime bag (ages 5+)

$7.95, Seed

Gooey fun for the older kids that comes in a resealable bag with a hidden dinosaur toy.

17. Frosty the Melting Snowman (ages 5+)

$16.99, Australian Geographic

A cute little box containing reusable plasticine and accessories to make a mini Snowman. Once Frosty had been created our boys were very excited to see him ‘melt’ over the next few hours.


18. Shark Balloon Ball (ages 3+)

$6.95, Seed 

Perfect for travelling as these novelty balloon balls can be inflated then deflated. Our boys are going crazy over these! 

19. Shoot and Score Balls (ages 5+)

$9.99, Kidstuff

A cool little hand held game which is battery operated and “cheers” whenever you shoot a hoop. My nine year old basketball fan is loving the challenge of this one.


20. Solar Bugz

$12.99, Myer

A bug that jumps and crawls when placed in direct sunlight. Love how this toy taught my boys about green energy.

21. Emergency rescue vehicle and re-usable road (ages 3+)

$14.95, Send a Toy 

The cutest emergency vehicle that comes with a roll of tape to make a road on-the-go.


Some more inspiration

22. Handballs – Rebel Sport have a huge variety. 

23. Mini Tech Deck skateboards. Available at Big W.

24. Anything from Smiggle. Our boys love it all!!! 

25. Face washers that grow in the bath. Best&Less usually stock these.

26. UNO. Our boy’s favourite card game.

27. A cool notebook and pen to use as a gratitude journal.

28. Little hand held puzzles. Rubik’s cube is still a big hit in our house.


We were gifted some of these products to provide an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we share what we believe you’ll find helpful. 

We hope you’ve found our Gift Guide inspirational. Please feel free to share the products we love with other parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents of boys.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Belinda – Your Boys & Mine xx

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    November 15, 2018

    What an excellent list. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. Will definitely be getting my son something off this list!

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      November 26, 2018

      Thank you for taking the time to check out our Christmas Gift Guide. I’m so glad you found it helpful. Happy shopping!