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Our Family Day Out at Raging Waters Sydney

By on March 22, 2022

After weeks of rain our family was pumped to finally hit Raging Waters Sydney, the biggest water park in Sydney! My boys have been obsessed with waterslides ever since we found a few big ones on our recent interstate travels. Once they heard about Raging Waters, they were desperate to visit before the cooler temperatures arrive.

Surprisingly it took us only 45 minutes to travel across Sydney to Prospect where this massive water park is located. You can see the rainbow coloured slides towering above the trees before you get to the carpark. Currently you need to register a date to visit and purchase your tickets in advance. Expect to pay an additional small fee for parking when you arrive.

Our boys sprinted ahead of us to the entrance and after a quick bag check we decided to try out what looked like the tamest of all the waterslides. Tower 3, as the name suggests has three waterslides side by side with a conveyor that transports the floats you sit on back up to the top. No carrying required! Our boys initially wanted to try the rides out with hubby but were soon confident to go it alone. They enjoyed all three of these slides, the perfect way to ease into much bigger rides to come.

We checked out Tower 3 waterslides first.

We decided to temporarily lower the adrenalin levels by heading to Dinosaur Lagoon next door. This is a lazy fun ride along a slow moving river while sitting on a tube. The idea brought back childhood memories of me doing exactly this on our family camping trips. Our boys surprisingly didn’t find this ride boring. In fact they really enjoyed the quiet escape of chilling out as the water carried them along.

Dinosaur Lagoon is a quiet escape from the adrenalin pumping rides.

Our youngest son then took a detour to the impressive wave pool. This is a large pool which sporadically generates waves and is lined with a sandy beach perfect for some relaxation. Expecting my son to stay in this pool for a while, I got comfy in one of the reclining deck chairs. Two minutes later he spotted more waterslides in the distance and ran off in the direction of Tower 4.

The wave pool and beach is a great spot to relax.

Tower 4 is a mix of faster, steeper adrenalin pumping rides. I heard many stories about the pitch black tubes that spit you out into the sunlight when you least expect it. With names like Cyclone, Half Pipe and Typhoon you can imagine they are not for the faint hearted. Our tween aged boys were tall enough for all of these rides and gave most of them a try. My youngest son was a bit freaked out with the speed of The Breakers but enjoyed the pace of the less scary Cyclone and Typhoon.

More adrenalin pumping rides at Tower 4.

Finally before a lunch break we checked out Tower 2 known for its even more intense rides. Be sure to check out the height and weight requirements displayed at each tower. Here my boys were thankfully too light (minimum 45kg) to go on 360 Rush. This is a ride for teens and adults where you strap a board to your back before being released into a straight drop.

The most intense rides can be found at Tower 2.

While my 12 year old and hubby enjoyed the thrill of T5 and Bombora, our 10 year old hit the H2Go racers! Here you grab a mat with handles, lie face first and race each other down rainbow coloured tunnels to the finish line. They had the biggest grins after the first race and asked to go again and again. Definitely a family highlight and not to be missed.

H2Go Racers were the highlight of our day.

After 3 hours of non-stop fun we had built up an appetite and headed over to the centrally located waterpark restaurant. Our boys were happy to see their favourite chicken nuggets, hotdogs and chips on the menu. The waterpark is cashless and you can also bring your own snacks or water.

For the remainder of the afternoon we went back to the boys favourite rides. I’m glad we also briefly made it to Raging Waters JnR. Here they have mini waterslides, splash pad and tipping bucket for the little ones. After 5 fun-filled hours we managed to drag our happy and content boys back to the car for the trip back home. They are still talking about how amazing the slides were and I know we’ll be back to Raging Waters Sydney in the near future.

Raging Waters JnR has a splash pad, tipping bucket and mini waterslides for little kids.

Thank you Raging Waters Sydney for generously gifting us tickets to visit, review and share our experience at your epic water park. As a Mum visiting I was impressed with the number of lifesaving staff positioned around the park and the attention to safety. We would highly recommend a visit during Autumn as the rides weren’t crowded. It was so good to see our boys smiling and having fun after what has been a challenging past few years. Be sure to check out Raging Waters if you’re a Sydney local or visiting our beautiful city from afar. This is the perfect way to create life-long family memories which is what we all need right now. Be sure to visit here for all the information you need before visiting. Enjoy!
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