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2016 Christmas gift guide for Boys

By on December 4, 2016

I can’t believe there are only 20 days left until Christmas. It’s about now that I start to panic about exactly what I’m going to buy my Boys for Christmas. They have a vague Santa list but for the big purchases there’s the tough decision about which brand to buy.

A few people asked me if I would put together a list of Christmas gift ideas for boys. I’ve written a guide that includes only products my boys have received as presents in the past. They are the presents they still genuinely love and I believe they have all been great value for money. Of course they are all totally relevant for little girls too! Please feel free to add any recommendations you may have, or ask any questions in the comments below.

Razor Scooter

My boys just can’t get enough of their scooters. They are typical boys who love anything that has wheels and goes fast. They have had a two wheeled Razor scooter since the age of four and they are still going strong now. Today it’s all about the tricks they can do on them and they love taking them to the skate ramps. This is the present that just keeps on giving.

Phlat ball

An awesome gadget that school aged boys just love. It is used like a frisbee but converts into a ball mid air, ready to catch. We first came across this cool toy when we were at a birthday party and it kept a large group of five year old boys amused for at least an hour! The next day I went out and bought one for my boys and they’ve loved it ever since!

Strider Balance Bike

These are so great for little ones to ride before they can use a pedal bike. My little man received his Strider bike for a birthday present when he was three and he still loves to ride it now at five years old. He has been pretty rough with it over the years and it still looks like new.

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions book

Every Lego lover has a big tub of Lego stashed away in a a corner or under the bed. This book was made to set these Lego bricks free! With the bits and pieces that come with this book and a pile of ordinary Lego, kids can build 10 amazing, moving machines. Place the tiny ball at the top of a ramp and lift the seesaw to start the ball rolling. Add some Lego dominoes for the ball to knock over and you have a fun chain reaction! Recommended for eight+ years however my eldest son has been able to make some of the machines since he was six years old.

Lego Technic pull-back vehicles

We all love this Lego as they actually get played with once they have been put together. Recommended for seven+ years this is the only Lego in our house that hasn’t been broken up into pieces and thrown into the brick sack never to be made again. My little man loves to play with these pull back vehicles, as they zoom along the floor really fast.

Charades – Kids On Stage Game

A fun game for the whole family to enjoy. My five year old in particular absolutely loves this game and I find it hilarious watching him act. It is so entertaining to see how a pre-schooler interprets different animals, actions and objects drawn on a card. Fantastic value for money and recommended for ages three-eight years.

Pop ’n’ Go

A recent birthday gift that is one of the few board games my boys manage to play together without my help. They love the novelty of popping the dice in the dome rather than rolling it. It’s a fun game of chasing and racing where the aim is to be the first player to get all of your playing pieces around the board and back ‘home’. My boys love the challenge of popping a six on the dice which entitles them to move a playing piece on to the board to start the race and it also means they get another turn!  You can imagine how competitive this game can get! Simple, inexpensive and fun for the whole family.

Scrabble Junior

Another board game we love for its fun educational value. There are two different levels to play at which makes it suitable for all primary school aged children. I always say yes to playing this one with my son, as I love seeing him have fun while learning how to spell new words.

Smiggle pencil cases

A fun gift that can be used at school next year. The pencil cases at Smiggle come in a large variety of colours and designs. My eldest son loves his bight green zip up pencil case he uses at school. It came with a few fun stationery items in it like a pencil sharpener and a long twisty eraser. My little man loves his ‘gadget’ pencil case which is hard topped and has several buttons to push which make scissors, sellotape and a ruler pop out. It also has a scent to it when you smell the lid.

Boxed book collections

I love books as Christmas gifts and I believe you can never have too many kids books. The boxed collections are awesome value for money. Some of the ones my boys love are Hey Jack – The Complete Jack Stack, My Mr Men Complete Library and Hairy Maclary and Friends Storybook Collection. I find my boys will read their way through the entire collection when it’s a series they love. You can find these book sets at many stores including Target and Big W.

Smiggle clocks

Yep my boys are currently Smiggle mad! My seven year old loves the digital clock I bought for his birthday this year and I love how it’s helping him learn to tell the time. It  also has a soft light which changes colour, which he likes to put on at bed time. There are a variety of other cool clock options too.

Santa sack inspiration

Best & Less mini face cloths

These come as a tiny cube and increase to a normal sized facecloth when put in water. There’s a variety of themes and my boys love the excitement of watching them grow in the bath.

Packs of themed undies

My boys still love getting undies for presents, so long as it’s not the ONLY present!

School bag keyring

If your child is starting school next year, a special keyring to go on their new school bag will add to the excitement of their first day and help them to identify which bag is theirs! The older kids also love a keyring to add to their growing schoolbag collection. There’s loads of cool emoji ones at the bargain shops, Smiggle have some bright, funky letter keyrings and I’ve recently seen some awesome Lego bag tags at Officeworks which my son loves.


My little man absolutely loves these and I notice all the kids at kindy seem to be wearing them and probably driving the teachers crazy with them! Smiggle have some bright coloured, cool designs that are a bit sturdier than other cheaper options.

Other Ideas

Handball or bouncy ball

A bag of water balloons

Lego minifigures

Matchbox car or monster truck

In addition to this guide there are our blogs “Our favourite books for boys” and “5 kids products we are loving right now”. Both of these blogs include wonderful books and awesome products my boys love and they would all make perfect Christmas pressies.

We also love to support small businesses so be sure to check out your local markets or jump online leading up to Christmas for that unique gift. There’s some amazing wooden toys, bedroom canvases, hoodie beach towels and boys clothing out there! Happy shopping!