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Relax Mat – A Review by Your Boys & Mine

By on June 22, 2022

After a few weeks of enjoying the versatile and super comfy Relax Mat in our home, I’m sharing with you the reasons we love this memory foam floor rug. I know, right who would’ve thought a rug could be made from memory foam. Kindly gifted to us by Muscle Mat to review, take a read and please pop any questions in the comments below.

Why we love the Relax Mat


Let’s start with convenience! As a busy Mum I prefer purchasing products that can be delivered to our door. In this case there is free shipping within Australia which is even better. The Relax Mat arrived folded into a lightweight box easy for me to carry inside. The memory foam makes the mat super light and foldable. Taking the Relax Mat out of its protective packaging I unfolded it to find a lovely smooth rug with just a few dent marks. These marks disappeared after laying the mat flat for several hours.


We moved the Relax Mat around a bit to try it in different areas of the house. I’ve really enjoyed using the Relax Mat to do my daily stretches and floor exercises. It took the pressure off my knees compared with kneeling on a hard floor. It’s also perfect for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Two weeks on our boys are still raving about how soft and comfortable the Relax Mat is to lie on. It transformed my youngest son’s LEGO play zone into a nook that is way more cosy. Our boys are also enjoying lying on the Relax Mat to watch TV or to chill and read a book. My 10 year old has claimed it for his next sleepover because he’s desperate to sleep on it.

Our boys are enjoying the comfort of lying on the Relax Mat to chill and read a book.

Hubby suggested it would make an ideal puppy mat (he really wants to get the boys a dog.) I have to agree it would be a more stylish option than a puppy bed. We had my young neice’s visit and they enjoyed rolling, sliding and playing on the Relax Mat. With the rug being 30mm thick and having a non-slip base there was no concern for them hurting themselves.

Low maintenance

I was a little stressed when the boy’s young cousins ate their Oreo treat on the Relax Mat. There was no need to stress because with the charcoal colour we chose and the mat being stain resistant no marks were left behind. Any crumbs or dirt have been easy to brush off the memory foam and vacuumed away.


After using the Relax Mat daily it genuinely still looks the same as it did when it arrived at our door a few weeks ago. Our boys have truely put it to the test with the occasional wrestling match and using it to build a cubby with their cousins. We’ve put it in high traffic areas and placed lightweight furniture on top of it. It’s standing up very well to an active testosterone filled house.


The Relax Mat looks great in our small living space. The size we chose fits perfectly in front of our 3 seater couch and looks lovely with our lightweight coffee tables on top. It adds texture, comfort and cosiness to our living space which has a neutral style.

The Relax Mat adds texture, comfort and style to our small living space.

We have carpet in our home but I can imagine it would look amazing on a hard wood floor. With a variety of colours and sizes to choose from, the Relax Mat could be used in a bedroom, rumpus, living or play area.


The feel of the Relax Mat is one of our favourite qualities about this mat. The rebound memory foam makes it super soft, smooth and comfy to sit, lie or stand on. When standing or walking on the mat in bare feet you slowly sink into the soft memory foam which feels very relaxing. We’re enjoying the comfy, cosy feel this mat provides during Winter.

I hope this review helps you get a genuine feel for the Relax Mat and why we love it so much in our home. Check out our Instagram reel to see our beautiful charcoal Relax Mat in action. If you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below.

We were gifted The Relax Mat to conduct an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we share what we believe you’ll find helpful. For more information visit www.musclemat.com.au