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How to style the perfect birthday party for your little boy!

By on June 1, 2016

It is that time of year again…your son’s birthday party is fast approaching and the anxiety levels are through the roof, you have so much to do and so little time to do it!

BUT…your little boy’s party doesn’t have to be a stressful one if you keep it simple.

The options out there are endless these days so we understand how overwhelming it can be, not to mention the outside pressures of having the ultimate children’s birthday party. Our best advice is to make sure you allow yourself enough time to prepare. We know…easier said than done.

The best way to start is by choosing a theme, base this on what your boy is interested in at the time. It could be anything from Thomas the Tank Engine, to farm animals, to trucks and tractors, to camping and the outdoors! If theming isn’t really your thing, then we always recommend white as the base with a pop of your boy’s favourite colour.

What party styles we’re digging right now;

A dessert/lolly buffet is always a winner (apologies in advance for the upcoming sugar high), but this is always a hit with the kids, not to mention the parents secretly love it too! It can be an easy and inexpensive set-up if you want it to be and with all the amazing raw treats on offer these days it doesn’t have to be a sugar overload!

To keep costs at a minimum use an eclectic collection of white or glass bowls and jars from home and arrange them on the table and fill them with an abundance of your favourite chocolates and lollies. Or if you want to go for a more sophisticated/classic look, you can hire lolly jars of all different shapes and sizes along with tiered cake stands for those petit pastries and sweets for the ultimate dessert buffet.  When arranging these on your table be sure to have differing heights and odd numbered groups to make it visually appealing.

Construction Theme Table 2 A dessert buffet is also a great way to incorporate the party theme. For example, if you are having a construction theme then biscuits in the shapes of hammers or other tools and cupcakes with witches’ cones, road signs, hard hats and / or construction machinery i.e. trucks and diggers on top look incredible and choose colours in your lolly jars to suit the theme.

Construction Themed Cupcakes

THE birthday cake! Ensure this is the centrepiece of your dessert buffet! Birthday cakes are very on trend right now with so many companies being able to cater to individual needs and theming. Making your own is a great way to keep costs down and wow your guests with your creativity.

Drinks stations are also very on trend right now and are super easy to set up. A collection of stunning drinks dispensers combined with themed paper cups for kids and glassware for adults along with straws is all you need! Create a centrepiece that suits the theme i.e. a vintage style wire basket filled with apples along with sun flowers in an old fashioned milk pale suit a farmyard theme perfectly or a world globe or vintage suitcase for a planes themed party will look amazing!

And of course don’t forget balloons, they complement any table as a focal point and floating on the ceiling on their own en mass has an amazing effect. We have several drinks dispensers available to hire along with a selection of high ball glasses and crystal tumblers, which look stunning with any themed party!

Balloons Plane Themed Boys Party

Once you have your chosen theme, it’s always great to plan an activity around that to keep the kids occupied. There are so many options available from petting zoos, fairies, face painting, magicians and clowns. If you want to do this yourself craft activities to suit your theme are always a winner!

Last but not least, we are huge fans of favours and sending the kids’ home with a little memento of the party (apologies again for the upcoming sugar high but at least they are heading home now!). The biscuits we mentioned earlier are a lovely favour/gift or a staple of ours is a brown paper lolly bag with themed thank you cards attached that the kids can fill from the lolly buffet on their way out. If you do prefer the no sugar option choose an activity book to complement the theme or bubble wands, toy cars, bouncy balls, blowers, stickers, pens etc. the possibilities are endless.

The main thing to remember when styling and putting together a party for your special little man or any party for that matter is to have fun with it! Seeing his little face light up when everyone arrives will make all the effort and hard work worth it!

Lauren & Lindsay xx

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