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Top 6 things to do in Subiaco with kids

By on June 2, 2016

Subiaco or ‘Subi’ if you are a local offers a large range of fantastic restaurants and cafes, beautiful parks for your kids to play and unique public art to admire. It is a vibrant suburb definitely worth visiting with your kids! Here are our favourite 6 activities to do in Subiaco with kids!

1. Sit and ‘watch TV’ in the middle of Subiaco Common

subi-1Subiaco Common public art: 18 Juniper Bank Way, Subiaco

Hidden away close to the centre of Subiaco is a beautiful, peaceful park, which has some fantastic public art consisting of a couch and TV. My little dude’s first reaction to it was “where is the remote”? He then actually went looking for a remote and when he couldn’t find it, proceeded to ‘entertain’ me through the tv, while I sat on the couch watching him! My little dude also enjoyed floating leaves down a stream, into a beautifully set duck pond where there were lots of birds to meet! A nice spot to sit and have a picnic with your little ones, under the shade of a tree.

2. Dine in at Tao Cafe and order their yummy pork gyoza

tao-2Tao Cafe pork gyoza: 1/40-48 Subiaco Square Road, Subiaco

Located a short walk from Subiaco train station this kid-friendly restaurant has a large range of asian cuisines available. We love the sushi train here but our favourite dish has to be the pork gyoza, served crispy with a yummy sauce on the side. We have tasted a lot of pork gyoza over the years and these have to be our favourite!

3. Climb the steps to sit on the chair sculpture on Rokeby Road

subi-2Chair sculpture fun: 97 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

Subiaco is popular for public art and one of our favourites is the chair sculpture pictured above. My boys love to climb the steps to sit on the chair and then watch the people go by on Rokeby Road.

4. Indulge in a babycino at The Lion and Jaguar Cafe

subi-3The Lion and Jaguar Cafe babycino: 7/29 Subiaco Square Rd, Subiaco

Located in Subiaco Square, a very short walk from the train station, this popular jungle themed cafe serves delicious freshly baked muffins and great coffee. The babycinos come in a small cappuccino cup with just the right proportions of milky froth, chocolate and marshmallows. My boys love looking for all the hidden jungle animals, strategically placed around this popular cafe.

5. Take your kids for a play at the fully fenced Mueller Park playground

subi-4Mueller Park Playground water play: 150 Roberts Rd, Subiaco

This beautiful green leafy park is the perfect place to relax with your children in Subiaco. It has pathways for riding bikes and scooters, two playgrounds to choose from, toilets and picnic table facilities and plenty of grass for your children to run or kick a footy.

The real gem however, is the fenced playground perfect for younger children. It is a parents dream having picnic tables and seating within the fenced play area and a large range of fantastic play equipment to keep your little ones amused for hours. There is a fort with a ‘double slide’, a ‘birds nest’ swing, sand play, a fantastic water play area, tubes to speak into, balance beams and more! The parking can be difficult, however West Leederville train station is one block from this fabulous park. It really is worth a visit!

6. Treat your children to a waffle cone ice-cream at San Churro

subi-5San Churro Chocolateria ice-cream treat: 1 Rockeby Rd, Subiaco

This chocolateria chain cafe has loads of delicious desserts available for you and your little ones to indulge in. Our favourite is a vanilla flavoured ice-cream in a decorated waffle cone. Other kid friendly dessert options include mini milkshakes, smoothies and huge ice-cream sundaes to share as a family. A great place to take your little ones for a treat!