About Me

Hello I’m Belinda and welcome to Your Boys & Mine. A blog dedicated to my two lego-crazy Boys, aged 8 and 11 years and our world of chaos, adventure and fun.

A bit about me … Stay at home mum/Kiwi/Aspiring photographer/Sushi and muffin snob/Latte lover/Bargain hunter … On a mission to explore Australia and beyond with my 3 Boys (hubby included).

I started Your Boys & Mine as a project for me to focus on and to keep me sane in my testosterone filled home. Being a stay at home mum, I am constantly searching for things to do with my Boys, to keep them busy and occupied. Our recent moves from Brisbane to Perth and now Sydney, felt like the perfect time for me to start documenting our day to day adventures. We also love sharing other interesting finds specific to boys, along the way.

I met my Aussie husband when I was living in London and he shares my love of travel.

We want to encourage our boys to have the same passion for travel that we do and to experience all the world has to offer. I travelled far and wide when I was based in the UK many years ago. We have plans for more travel as a family, in the months and years to come. I look forward to sharing our travel adventures along the way.

Your Boys & Mine blog is my way of contributing to the online community about children and raising Boys in particular. It’s about sharing ideas on how to keep our children’s minds and bodies busy, whilst having lots of fun along the way!

I should mention prior to having children I was a Physiotherapist and therefore keeping kids healthy and active is also a focus for me.

Although I reference Boys in the title of my blog, it is completely relevant to your little girls as well.

I hope you enjoy!