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Freshi Laundry Detergent Sheets – A Review by Your Boys & Mine

By on July 1, 2024

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly way to do your laundry? We’ve been on the hunt for a more sustainable laundry option for a while now but we were unsure which way to go … until we came across Australian designed Freshi Laundry Detergent Sheets! We were gifted a box of detergent sheets for up to 80 washes to try out and provide an honest product review. There’s no shortage of laundry in a house full of boys and a puppy. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to put these laundry sheets to the test. Food stains, dog wee, stinky sports shirts, muddy rugby socks you name it. Here’s what we discovered our first time using laundry detergent sheets.

Delivery and packaging

I could smell the laundry detergent sheets before I opened the package. The fresh linen fragrance was strong but pleasant. Laundry sheets providing up to 80 washes are packaged in a recyclable biodegradable cardboard box which I loved to start with. No plastic container to dispose of therefore making us feel guilty about how many years it will take to decompose and the chance it could end up in the ocean. Sliding open the box revealed a number of white laundry sheets. Each sheet has a tearable section down the middle to separate in half if you’re doing a smaller load. So far I’m very impressed.

Freshi laundry detergent sheets arrive at your door packaged in a biodegradable box.

Ease of use

I took a laundry sheet out of the box and placed it in the washing machine drum with the full load of laundry. The sheet dissolved in seconds as soon as water rushed into the drum and suds were visible. Freshi states the laundry sheets adapt to any water temperature or washing method. I noted how much easier the sheets are to use compared with having to measure and pour messy liquid detergent. They’re also super easy to tear down the middle along the serrated line if only half a sheet is required. Sheets are stored in the slide-out box they come in.

Freshi laundry detergent sheets are easy to use and there’s no measuring or pouring required.

Eco-friendly features

How eco-friendly are the laundry detergent sheets? Freshi packaging states the laundry sheets use a plant based formula which is vegan & cruelty free. They are also bleach and dye free, phosphate free and hypoallergenic. Then of course there’s the biodegradable packaging which to me is a huge plus.

Each detergent sheet uses a plant-based formula which is vegan and cruelty free.

Other special features

We note the laundry sheets are suitable for sensitive skin and therefore dermatologist tested. Fortunately we don’t have anyone in our family with sensitive skin or skin allergies so we couldn’t put this to the test.

Our personal experience

I’ve used the laundry detergent sheets in a variety of loads including blankets, quilt covers, sheets, stained white school shirts and towels. When hanging out the washing I noticed a subtle scent which I liked. All the items of laundry were clean with the few visible stains removed. I think they give the same quality of wash as the range of brands of laundry liquid, powder or capsules I’ve previously been using.

We believe Freshi laundry detergent sheets are the more sustainable way forward. My plan is to make the switch from laundry liquid to laundry detergent sheets. One other huge benefit is they’re portable so can easily be taken away on road trips to use in a holiday home or hotel. No more transporting messy laundry powder or liquid.

We were gifted a box of Freshi laundry detergent sheets to conduct an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we therefore share what we believe you’ll find helpful.

To find out more and to purchase Freshi laundry detergent sheets visit www.shopfreshi.com.au