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Muscle Mat Mattress Topper – A Review by Your Boys & Mine

By on July 10, 2024

Did you know we spend a third of our lives in bed? In my case a bit longer during these crisp Winter months when it’s impossible to get up in the morning. Regardless it’s vital we have a comfortable, clean, supportive mattress ensuring we get a good nights sleep. We feel lucky to have been gifted the Australian owned Muscle Mat Mattress Topper to try out this Winter and provide an honest product review.

We opted for a King Single Mattress Topper for my 12 year old son. He’s had his mattress since moving out of a cot so it could do with a refresh and he was keen to give a mattress topper a try. I’ve also slept on the mattress topper so together we are providing the following honest feedback.

Features we love

Ease of delivery and use

Let’s start with the delivery of the mattress topper. Our king-single mattress topper arrived vacuum packed in an easy-to-carry and not-too-heavy package. In fact I was easily able to carry the package almost 100 metres from our PO Box to the car. Once opened we found the mattress topper in a zip-up storage case with a carry handle. When we opened the package and laid out the topper there were no fold marks and no unusual odour.

Our Muscle Mat mattress topper arrived vacuum sealed in a portable carry case.
Thickness and dimensions

The mattress topper was very easy to unfold much like a quilted mattress protector but 10cm thick. We easily fitted it on top of the existing king single mattress similar to a fitted sheet with no force required on the corners. Once on we liked that it fitted snugly, didn’t move around and felt very soft and comfy to sit on. Our king single sheet easily fitted over the mattress topper and mattress below.

We found the Muscle Mat mattress topper was super easy to fit on to our existing mattress.
Material it’s made from

We learnt that mattress topping filling is measured in GSM. We had to google to understand this term but what it means is grams per square metre, so the higher the GSM, the less the topper will flatten. The Muscle Mat mattress topper is made from 100% high GSM cotton and the inner is top quality, high GSM polyester fill. My son was desperate to give the mattress topper a try. Once lying down on top of it we found the topper does not compress or flatten. When I asked my son to explain what it feels like he said it’s like he’s lying on a cloud. Congratulations Muscle Mat I know this is what you were aiming for!

Special features

Having tried another version of a mattress topper we can say the special features of the Muscle Mat Mattress Topper are its comfort level and ease of use. It’s not bulky and rigid but still has the support and comfort required. Muscle Mat are so confident that you will enjoy your mattress topper that if you don’t enjoy it, you can send it back and they will refund you in full. In relation to cleaning the mattress topper, spot cleaning is recommended. If a more thorough wash is required then unlike an actual mattress, a cold hand wash of the mattress topper is an option. We haven’t needed to clean our mattress topper as yet.

Any Cons?

The only slight con we came up with is Muscle Mat on their website cannot guarantee the mattress topper is allergy friendly for those suffering from allergies.

Our Personal Experience

We’ve been using the Muscle Mat mattress topper for over a week now and my son says his bed now feels more comfy and warm. After sleeping on the mattress topper I would agree with him. Over time the mattress topper has stayed in place and has kept it’s thickness with no flattening down.

We believe adults, teens and children can all benefit from using a Muscle Mat mattress topper. Our puppy loves how comfortable it is too. This is a cost-effective hassle-free way to improve the comfort and cosiness of any bed. Perfect for revitalising an old mattress or to protect and extend the life of an existing newer mattress. The mattress topper is delivered straight to your door in a vacuum packed parcel and super easy to position over your existing mattress. We can also see the benefit for using this mattress topper straight on the ground when camping or when having a sleepover and we plan to test this out these upcoming school holidays.

Our whole family including puppy loves our new comfy Muscle Mat mattress topper.

We were gifted the Muscle Mat King Single Mattress Topper to conduct an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we share what we believe you’ll find helpful.

To find out more and to take a closer look at the Muscle Mat Mattress Topper visit www.musclemat.com.au