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Tesalate Sand-free Kids Towels – A Review by Your Boys & Mine

By on February 22, 2023

Did you know our favourite Tesalate sand-free towels now have a kids range? We recently had a few of these kids towels gifted to us, to try out and share with you during the warmer months. The minute they arrived my boys ripped into the packaging to check out the cool new designs. Here’s what we discovered about the new Tesalate sand-free kids towels.

100% Australian Designed

We love that these Tesalate sand-free kids towels are 100% Australian designed inspired by our beautiful coastlines.

Fun Aussie animal themed designs have been included in the kids towel range such as ‘Straya’ and Koala’s Day Off (surfing, beach loving koalas). These kids towels would make the perfect gift for Australian kids living abroad.

The gorgeous High Tide design inspired by our beautiful coastlines.

Odyssey, High Tide & Starburst Designs

We’re excited to see the variety of Tesalate kids towel designs to suit all personalities, girls & boys, little kids & teens! Dino lovers have been catered for with a cute, bold blue and green design.

For the older kids and teens we’re loving our choice of the Odyssey, High Tide and Star Burst designs. Just like the original Tesalate sand-free towels we own, these kids towels will last for years to come and the prints we chose will never get old.

We love the Odyssey design perfect for kids of all ages.

All the Same Features as the Tesalate Original Sand-free Towels

We’ve compared the Tesalate sand-free kids towels to the Tesalate original sand-free towels. Not surprisingly they have all the same features but as you’d expect they’re slightly smaller in size (148cm x 72cm compared with the original towel which is 160cm x 80cm). This is a perfect practical size for our kids to wrap the towel around them or to lie on it on the sand.

If you’re not familiar with the awesome features of the Tesalate sand-free towels they include:

  • double sided design with the iconic black & white print on one side
  • rapid drying
  • folds or rolls up small
  • free carry pouch
  • sand free. Leave the beach at the beach!
  • ultra-absorbent
  • hook to hang your towel

Tesalate sand-free kids towels come with a handy drawstring carry pouch.

Mumlife Convenience

As a Mum of boys with a backyard pool and living close to the beach, we use beach towels often. After using a variety of beach towels through the years I prefer Tesalate for the following reasons:

  • lightweight to carry from the car to the beach
  • sand-free. Sand doesn’t cling to these towels like it does to regular towels. Less sand in the car and house
  • easy to machine wash and drying time is quicker than other towels
  • easily fit into a beach bag. Not bulky at all

You can check out the new Tesalate sand-free kids towel range at www.tesalate.com

Any questions please let me know in the comments below.

We were gifted these products to provide an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we share what we believe you’ll find helpful. Our opinions are totally unbiased and we only publish reviews for products we genuinely love.

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