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Oimmie Portable ClicMat – A Review by Your Boys & Mine

By on June 13, 2023

I’m very fortunate to review some innovative unique products and the ClicMat is definitely one of them.

Do you find yourself outdoors wishing you had a picnic blanket to sit on? This happens to us all the time. Visiting the beach last minute, there’s no picnic tables and the grass is damp. There’s nothing worse than having to walk back to the car with a wet patch on your pants! And let’s face it sitting on a picnic blanket is way more comfortable than sitting on the grass itself.

We have found a solution for this problem – ‘the truly portable picnic blanket for Mums’ – Oimmie Portable ClicMat. After giving it a try there are a few features that make ClicMat unique and ideal for Mums.

Size + weight

The ClicMat easily fits in my glovebox and handbag. It’s that compact, the ClicMat actually fits in the palm of my hand but when unfolded measures an impressive 160 x 110cm fitting two adults and two young kids. It’s also really lightweight (118 grams) which helps immensely when walking from the car to the beach or park.

The ClicMat fits in the palm of my hand.

The fabric feels great

Made with 100% biodegradable polyester yarn the ClicMat has a silky soft touch making it extra comfy to sit on. Perfect for that much needed sit down while the kids roam about.

The design

Designed in Australia which we love, the ClicMat is really stylish yet functional. The ClicMat comes in a heap of colours – Rose Garden, Mocha Forest, Cotton Sunshine & Modern City and they look exactly as they sound. They’re all plain (no pattern), on-trend and blend with the natural environment. Ideal for any age or gender. No excuses for hubby to take the kids out now!

ClicMat is the perfect portable picnic blanket for Mums (and Dads!).

High quality

We found the ClicMat fabric to be functional, breathable and durable standing up to my testosterone filled family. Our boys and puppy were very helpful with testing out the special water repellent, spill-proof coating. We observed spilt liquids don’t get absorbed into the mat whatsoever! Paw prints, dirt, sand are all easily wiped away with a damp cloth or shaken off. In the ClicMat Instruction booklet provided it states the picnic blankets can be machine washed if necessary but we’ve had no need to give this a try … yet!


Oimmie have thought of everything. The ClicMat comes in a soft flexible black carry pouch including clip to attach to keys or the outside of your bag! Hidden magnets within the ClicMat ensure easy folding but are also importantly inaccessible to kids and fur babies.
These magnets also allow two ClicMats to be joint together making a bigger mat if you have older kids or you’re out with family and friends.

We love how the ClipMat comes in a portable pouch including clip for your bag.


This aspect is important to us and we love how Oimmie have carefully considered how to minimise the impact ClicMat will have on our environment in future years to come. ClicMats are made from kid and planet friendly 100% biodegradable fabric completely free from toxins.

Multiple uses

To name a few!

1. Beach blanket with sand anchors included. No more sandy towels.
2. Outdoor picnic table cloth.
3. Blanket for you and your fur baby chilling on the grass.
4. Tarp to protect from the rain.
5. Creative cubby house indoors or outdoors.

ClicMat is ideal for a picnic table cover at home or out and about.

We were gifted the Oimmie ClicMats to conduct an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we share what we believe you’ll find helpful.

For more information visit www.oimmie.com.au