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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys of all Ages

By on November 9, 2019

Do you struggle to come up with unique Christmas gifts for boys? We’ve got you covered!

This year our ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ includes products for all ages including teens and Dads. Hubby and my boys (who are now ten and seven years old) have been helping me review some awesome products we were generously gifted.

Our focus is on unique, screen-free, portable play and travel related gifts. We also came across a number of amazing sustainable products which can be used over and over again. We’ve included the price in Australian dollars, where to buy and an age recommendation if appropriate. 

We’ve only included gifts we believe are high quality and our boys love! Of course they can be perfectly suitable for girls too but we can only comment for the boys. 

We hope you enjoy our Gift Guide. Happy shopping! 

Lil’ travellers 

1. Tinta Crayons – Travel Colouring Mat and Crayons (ages 2+ with adult supervision)

$40, Tinta Crayons

These gorgeous fabric colouring mats are individually handmade here in Australia. Containing six non-toxic, beeswax crayons they are perfect for little ones starting to colour and draw. The colouring mat easily fitted inside my small shoulder bag and kept my son entertained while I enjoyed a coffee at our favourite cafe. 

We love how the crayons match objects found in the picture on the mat. My seven year old came up with the idea to match the crayon to the object and colour it the same colour as that crayon. 

Once my son had finished his masterpiece, I was able to scrub it clean ready for the next time we’re on the go! We would recommend these travel colouring mats as Christmas gifts for boys aged two – seven years. Supervision would be required for younger kids in case they were tempted to put the crayons in their mouths.


2. BIOME – Yumbox Zuppa Insulated Food Jar with Spoon

$32, BIOME

Are you looking for practical Christmas gifts for boys who are always out and about? This cute Yumbox is great for all seasons keeping food warm for six – eight hours and cold for up to eight hours. There’s even a spoon included which attaches to the side of the Yumbox. We filled our Yumbox with fruit salad and took it to cricket on a hot 32 degree today. The fruit stayed crisp and cold for at least three hours helping my son stay cool and hydrated during his game. Ideal for road trips but also school lunchboxes. 


3. Rolla Bottle – Drink Bottle

$33, Rolla Bottle 

These awesome portable drink bottles caught my eye when we headed along to The Big Design Market in Sydney. Like all Mums I’m forever carrying my boys heavy drink bottles around when we’re out and about during Summer. Sometimes I leave them at home or in the car because they take up too much space and weigh me down. Then we end up having to buy a plastic bottle of water. 

The Rolla Bottle is a life changer. A silicone water bottle which stands tall when full and rolls super small to easily fit in your bag when empty. After taking the band off the folded bottle and opening the spout the bottle miraculously fills with air ready to be filled. 

There’s even a clip attached to the bottle so you can hang it to the outside of your bag. Rolla Bottles are helping the environment by reducing our reliance on single-use bottles and giving ten percent of profits to clean ocean campaigns to remove marine plastic pollution.


4. eatsleepdoodle – Colour & Learn World Map Pillowcase (ages 3+)

$27.95, eatsleepdoodle

Being a family that loves to travel you can see why this world map pillowcase caught my eye. The pillowcase is 100 percent cotton and really soft and comfy to lay your head on. It comes with a set of ten wash-out pens for you to colour your own creation.

Both of my boys enjoyed colouring the countries we’ve visited and the ones they’d like to visit! We haven’t done this yet, but once you have finished your creation you can put the pillow case in the washing machine and the colour will disappear.

You can also get your Christmas gifts for boys pre-wrapped with black and white Christmas paper (that can be coloured in), ready to pop under the Christmas tree when it arrives at your door. These gifts are beautifully made in the UK and shipped all over the world including Australia.



5. Red Parka – ‘101 Collective Nouns’ by Jennifer Cossins

$18, Red Parka

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘a swarm of bees’ but have you heard of ‘a shiver of sharks’ or ‘a dazzle of zebras?’ Beautifully illustrated and written by talented Tasmanian author Jennifer Cossins, this is technically a picture book. However the few words it does have are intriguing for all ages. I found it interesting to see what collective nouns Jennifer came up with and most of them I hadn’t heard of before.

My son took this book to school for reading time and said the teacher spotted it and ended up reading it to the class. These books would make gorgeous Christmas gifts for boys of all ages and are one to keep in the bookshelf for years to come.

RED PARKA ‘101 Collective Nouns’ BOOK

6. Tiger Tribe – Comic Book Kit (ages 5+)

$25, Tiger Tribe 

My seven year old is going through a phase of making comic books with his friends at school. He told me he’s putting them on the book shelf in the classroom for his classmates to read during reading time. As expected he really liked the Comic Book Kit which includes everything you need to make your own comic. 

There’s a ‘how-to’ guide full of inspiration, stickers, pencils and a blank comic strip booklet. It was so fun to watch my son piece together his own comic book story for us to read as a family.


7. Dogman – The first six book box set

$40, Big W

Dogman is my seven year olds favourite book series at the moment. Written by the creator of Captain Underpants, the story is in the form of a comic book. My son finds them easy to read on his own which is great for homework reading.

There’s also the added bonus of how-to-draw Dogman characters at the back of each book. We’ve been having drawing competitions as a family to see who can get their picture to look most like the original. You can find these books at most Bookstores and purchase them individually or as a six book box set.

Click here for a list of our favourite books which would all make perfect Christmas gifts for boys. 


Beach fans 

8. Rad Brands – Breazies Swim Shorts (sizes 1 – 12)

$49.95, Rad Brands

It was the fun, colourful designs on these shorts that first caught our eye. For boys there’s the option of pelicans, toucans or surfboards. They come in a cute drawstring bag the same design as the shorts inside. Made in South Africa these shorts are quick drying perfect for the beach or swimming pool. We love how they have matching pairs for Dads to twin with their sons.

Every year my list of Christmas gifts for boys includes something for my boys and nephews to wear. These quality board shorts that will last the whole Summer and beyond are the perfect option. We would recommend going a size up from what you would normally purchase.


9. Tesalate – Sand-free Beach Towel 

$79, Tesalate

As you know we are a big fan of Tesalate’s sand-free beach towels. During the Summer we visit the beach most weekends and last year my hubby and boys took our Tesalate towel every time. After using it and washing it every weekend during Summer it has faded a little but maintained its quality and will easily be used for at least another Summer.

The towels are lightweight, practical with cool designs. Our favourite designs for boys and men which we have at home are ‘Bora Bora’ and ‘The Swell’. These towels are a great gift for boys who enjoy the beach or pool.


Animal lovers 

10. Red Parka – Black Cockatoo Cushion Cover

$40, Red Parka 

These stunning animal cushion covers feature original illustrations by Jennifer Cossins. From giraffes to bees and sugar gliders to cows, these cushion covers alone or together with one of Jennifer’s gorgeous books would make perfect unique Christmas gifts for boys.

Whilst there are a heap of great designs, the Black Cockatoo particularly caught our eye. This cushion design looks amazing on the chair in our boys bedroom. The fabric is a natural cotton/linen blend making it soft and durable for kids to cosy up to.


11. Bean About  – Mulga Mountain Gorilla Bag (ages 4-10)

$89.95, Bean About

Attention lovers of the outdoors! We’ve come across a portable beanbag which is as comfortable and supportive as a beanbag, but can be carried on your back! The Bean About arrives empty, wrapped in a cardboard tube which doubles as a filling funnel. My boys and I had fun filling the ‘beanbag’ with beans and there’s even a kid-proof zip to keep the beans safe inside. 

The Bean About folds easily and can be tied with a toggle to wear on your back. Once you arrive at your destination just lay it out like a picnic rug and all the beans fall into place ready to sit on. It’s light enough for my seven year old son to carry and there’s pockets for water and valuables. We’ve taken ours to the park, beach and my youngest has sat on it to watch his brother play sport. It is so much lighter and less awkward to carry than a heavy camping chair.

The kids designs bring awareness to endangered species including The Mountain Gorilla, Australian Rock Wallaby and the Tiger. A quarterly donation of two dollars from every kids bag sold goes to three charities who are working to save these creatures. 


12. Red Parka ‘The Ultimate Animal Counting Book’ by Jennifer Cossins

$30, www.redparka.com.au

The Ultimate Animal Counting Book is another one of Jennifer Cossins beautifully illustrated books perfect for kids of all ages. It starts with a picture of one whale and finishes with 100 beautifully illustrated fairy flies, giving the reader the opportunity to practise counting. There are also loads of interesting facts to learn about the fascinating creatures we share this planet with. I know my boys and I will treasure this book for years to come. 


Nature enthusiasts 

13. Tiger Tribe – Outdoor Activity Set (ages 5+)

$25, Tiger Tribe 

It’s no secret we love nature play! This gorgeous new portable activity set is packed full of simple ideas on things to do outdoors amongst nature. Included is a pencil, notepad, chalk and magnifying glass. My seven year old had fun following an ant trail with chalk on concrete.

He also loved the egg (we used a real one!) and spoon race in the backyard and the game where you transfer water from person to person by only using a cup each. Obviously swimmers and a hot day were required for this one! This set would be great for taking away with you if you’re camping or spending time amongst nature, as well as helping kids unplug at home during the holidays.


14. IS GIFT – Galaxy Star Projector and Sound Machine

$34.99, Yellow Octopus

Are you looking for ways to make bedtime more relaxing for you and your kids? My seven year old is enjoying turning his bedroom into a distant galaxy using this star projector. It simply projects changing coloured stars onto the wall or ceiling and plays six different sounds of nature. Our favourite so far is the sounds of the ocean which we play leading up to sleep-time to help my son relax. This has been a fun addition to my boys bedroom.


Dinosaur obsessed

15. eatsleepdoodle – Colour & Learn Dinosaur Placemat To Go (ages 3+)

$26.10, eatsleepdoodle  

If you’re on the go with your kids this is a perfect gift to keep them busy. This fabric placemat comes folded in a cute little bag with a set of coloured pens that are thin tipped on one end and thicker tipped on the other. After colouring your creation the colour can be washed out and reused. My boys and I spent hours colouring everything on the placemat and making up stories about what they can see in the picture.

They are so proud of their masterpiece they don’t want to put it in the wash yet!  We love how there’s loads of detail in the picture making it great for all ages. We even turned it into a game of ‘spot the t-rex’ and ‘count how many palm trees’. 


Creative kids 

16. Tiger Tribe 3D Colouring Set – Fierce Creatures (ages 5+)

$20, Tiger Tribe

A new portable play set where kids can create awesome optical illusions. My seven year old enjoyed colouring the fun images and was so excited to watch his art pop off the page when he put on the special 3D glasses. With 36 different pages to colour this is the perfect Christmas gift for boys to keep them entertained on a long road trip or plane ride. 


17. Tinta Crayons – Box of Crayons (ages 2+ with supervision)

From $16.95, Tinta Crayons

A set of six non-toxic Australian-made coloured crayons in a theme of your choice. From a child’s name to dinosaurs, pirates, robots and more, there’s something for every boy (and girl) out there. Little kids like to draw with these crayons and bigger kids like to collect and display them in their bedroom. They come beautifully presented in a bright colourful box making them lovely Christmas gifts for boys.


18. Tiger Tribe – Drawing People (ages 5+)

$25, Tiger Tribe 

As I mentioned my seven year old is going through a drawing and sketching phase. This kit has stayed on our dining room table since it arrived and everyday after school he creates something new. The set includes an art paper notepad, a book with tips on how to draw different body parts, two pencils, a pen, eraser and sharpener. We would recommend these kits as Christmas gifts for boys who have a big interest in drawing and illustrating.


Active Kids 

19. IS GIFT – Flick and Fly Rocket (age 6+)

$24.95, Seed Heritage

This flick and fly rocket has been a huge hit with my boys and their friends. Just attach the foam rocket to the launcher, flick and watch the rocket shoot up to 30 metres through the sky. My son has been taking it to cricket to keep him busy while I watch his brother play and it has kept my boys amused for hours at the park after school. If you’re looking for something to get your boys outside and away from their screens, these make the perfect Christmas gifts for boys.


Tweens, Teens and Dads

20. IS GIFT – Monochrome Waves Drink Bottle

$26.95, Homing Instincts

We were excited to come across this impressive range of drink bottles featuring black and white images of Australian beaches. The bottles are made from stainless steel keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. There’s a screw top and no leakage when they’re tipped sideways in my bag. Perfect for picnics or hanging out at the beach. We think these make ideal practical Christmas gifts for boys who are hard to buy for.



21. IS GIFT – Golf Club Pen Set

$19.95, Harris Scarfe

This boxed set of three golf club pens would make a fun gift for any golf lover. Including a putter, wood and iron they’ve covered all bases. The pens themselves have refillable black ink and are good quality. They come in a smart looking black box lined with black felt ideal for Christmas gifts for boys.  Hopefully hubby isn’t reading this, as these pens will be in his stocking this year!


22. IS GIFT – Monochrome Waves Dry Bag

$24.95, Homing Instincts

Never come home from the beach with wet, sandy clothes and valuables again! These dry bags feature black and white ocean designs which any beach loving teen or Dad would love. It is impossible for any sand to get inside the bag once the top is rolled over and clipped to seal. There’s a strap to carry the bag over your shoulder or by hand. When heading to the beach, on a boat or any other water related activity this is a must.



Stocking fillers

23. Tiger Tribe – T-Rex Handimal (ages 3+)

$12, Tiger Tribe 

A cute five-piece finger puppet perfect for imaginative play and developing fine motor skills.  


24. IS GIFT – Solar Carz (age 5+)

$9.99, Cracker Jack Toys

We love these little toys that move when placed in the sun. These make fun little Christmas gifts for boys but they are also great for teaching kids about solar energy.


25. IS GIFT – Frosty the Melting Snowman (age 5+)

$17, Cool Things

A favourite from last Christmas, my boys still enjoy building a snowman from putty and watching him melt into a puddle over time.


Some more inspiration

26. A cool Smiggle keyring for next years school bag

27. Handballs – never get old

28. LEGO accessories – head to a LEGO Certified store and find unique LEGO stocking fillers including keyrings, ice block moulds, drink bottles and more

29. A bag of water balloons

30. Mini Tech Deck skateboards

“Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.” As far as this rhyme goes we think we’ve got you covered!

We were generously gifted the majority of these Christmas gifts for boys to provide an honest product review. Our opinions are our own and we share what we believe you’ll find helpful.

We hope you’ve found our list of Christmas Gifts for boys helpful. Please feel free to share the products we love with other parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents of boys.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Belinda – Your Boys & Mine xx