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70+ fun activities for boys at home or in lockdown

By on September 14, 2021

Since March last year we’ve had three lockdowns here in Sydney. As I update this list we are in week 12 of probably a 17 week lockdown with Spring school holidays about to begin. During this time as a stay-at-home Mum I’ve had to come up with endless activities for my boys. All 70+ of these activities are tried and tested by us. I’m sure your primary school aged boys will love them too. I hope this list helps you get through the remainder of this year. Then hopefully no more lockdowns after that (fingers and toes crossed!)


Keep your kids active now sport has been cancelled 

1. Make up an obstacle course and time how fast your kids can complete it

2. Explore a new bike track as a family

3. Walk in your neighbourhood (looking out for teddy bears and rainbows in windows as you go)

4. Make up some backyard sport drills

5. Play retro games like hopscotch, skipping and elastics 

6. Handball never gets old 

7. Go on a family hike

8. Do daily challenges like how many times can you hit a tennis ball in the air without dropping it? 

9. Everyone is loving the Joe Wicks’ home workouts on YouTube 

10. Make up a nature scavenger hunt

11. Challenge your kids to learn one of the tik tok dances like ‘Renegade’

12. Set up a mini golf course at home. Use plastic cups for holes and cans/food cartons can be used to make bridges for the ball to go under. Pool noodles are great for marking out a course

13. Teach yourself a new scooter trick


Indoor activities for a rainy day

14. LEGO is a lifesaver. Head here for our endless LEGO activity ideas. My boys favourite activity is to build something from a small random collection of Lego I give them

15. Set up a treasure hunt with cryptic clues and a treat at the end 

16. Learn some new dance moves with GoNoodle app

17. Create your own song using GarageBand App

18. Use the amazing Brickit app to scan your Lego pile and come up with new creations to build

19. Have a family movie night. Choose a new movie and make popcorn and pizza. Our current favourite movies are Paper Planes, The Lorax and Wonder

20. Go on an interactive adventure with Netflix series ‘You vs. Wild‘ where your decisions help Bear Grylls survive, thrive and complete missions in the harshest environments

21. Watch a ‘Minute to Win It‘ and come up with your own challenges

22. Kids versus adults bottle flipping competition on the kitchen table

23. Enjoy the special free 60 minute Cirque du Soleil show on YouTube

24. Stack tumbling dominoes

25. Google how to make an origami ninja star to throw

26. Make your own boardgames to play as a family. Don’t forget to write the rules!

27. Challenge yourself to completing the Rubik cube +/- using a YouTube cheat video

28. Make a movie using Stop Motion App or IMovie app

29. Build a fort or cubby

30. Make the most of David Walliam’s free audio stories and activity sheets. Sketch your favourite character

31. Listen to a kids podcast

32. Google or make up a quiz on a topic your kids know and enjoy

33. Make birthday cards for upcoming family or friends birthdays

34. Have a picnic lunch on a blanket outdoors or indoors

35. Learn a new song or teach yourself how to play a new instrument

36. Skype a friend, grandparent or cousin. Play a game together like charades or do a scavenger hunt where you have the same list of objects to find. The first person back to the screen with the object wins a point

37. For easy craft inspiration click here

38. Have a dance party and play games like Freeze and Musical Chairs. Click here to find the pop songs that always get my boys up and moving

39. Schedule a bedroom makeover. Even just moving furniture into new positions can be exciting for kids

40. Make bath time the highlight of the day with extra bubbles or new bath toys. Just using plastic containers from the kitchen or old soap pump bottles can be fun.

41. A bag of balloons provides endless fun. See who can keep their balloon off the ground the longest

42. Play simple games using pen and paper like hangman

43. Take part in the Australia-wide rainbow trail by drawing or creating a rainbow to put in your window

44. Join the Spoonville lockdown fad where communities create decorated wooden spoon villages. There’s one near us but you could start up your own

45. Paint on a smooth rock and drop it in your community for someone else to find

46. Paint a design on an old cricket bat for you to put in your bedroom

47. Build a tower as high as you can using cardboard boxes, lego or whatever you can find

48. Write a letter and draw a picture to send to your grandparents

49. Make sushi (Woolworths and Coles have sushi kits with everything you need)

50. Build a marble run on a wall using cardboard tubes and blu tack

51. Get the kids cooking entree, main or dessert with Mum and Dad’s help


Nature Play

52. Create a sculpture, mandala or piece of art using nature found in your backyard

53. Press flowers you find on your walk

54. Go beach combing after a storm

55. Slide down a sand or grass hill on cardboard

56. Skim a stone across water

57. Learn to fish

58. Make a kite and fly it


Educational activities

59. Find a new word and share it

60. Read a new book. My boys are loving Funny Kid and David Walliam’s books. For more inspo on boys’ books click here

61. Work through activity or NAPLAN books specific to your kids age. My 8 year old surprisingly loves these as he can earn stickers in the back of the book

62. Educate your kids about upcoming events such as ANZAC Day

63. Look at a world map and write a family travel bucket list. Put together an itinerary for your next planned trip

64. Learn a language for your next upcoming trip. Duolingo is a good app for this

65. Research important cultural customs for your next holiday destination

66. Teach your kids how to read analogue time

67. Learn times tables you find difficult

68. Use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about feelings using this cool balloon activity

69. Go on an alphabet hunt finding an object that starts with each letter of the alphabet and write them down

70. Google these fun and easy science experiments using ingredients in your pantry

  • Make your own volcano
  • Bouncy egg science experiment
  • Lava lamp experiment
  • Skittles rainbow science experiment
  • Magic milk
  • Oobleck – the cornstarch and water experiment
  • Dip your finger in cinnamon and water experiment


So there you have it … my way of giving back to the community during this challenging time. Please feel free to add any more ideas or tips in the comments below and share this with your friends and family. We’re all in this together.

Stay safe, stay calm.

Belinda x


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    December 21, 2020

    thank you for sharing your blog

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    May 31, 2021

    I like this article, thank you

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    Cath M

    September 7, 2023

    I realise lock-down is long over but this is still a great boredom-busting list for kids. I’d like to add that cardboard boxes can provide endless creative opportunities. Last holidays we constructed an epic fort and my 8yo son recently built a life-sized adversary named Gerald to battle with. We even painted him and made some weapon accessories. Poor Gerald died in action but it was hours of fun.