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Everything is Awesome at Legoland Hotel and Theme Park

By on March 12, 2017

“I want to stay here until I die” said my youngest little man tearfully as we packed our bags to go home via Singapore airport. We were at the end of an incredible two night stay at the Legoland Hotel in Malaysia. My two boys did not want to leave and who would blame them! As massive Lego fans they were in dream land here surrounded by nothing but Lego.

We were so impressed by every single aspect of the Legoland Hotel and the Theme Park that I just had to share our experience. If you are looking for an easy, fun, adventurous holiday for the whole family to enjoy then this is the place to come!

Legoland Hotel

Getting Here

We decided to travel to Legoland, from Singapore, in a personal car arranged through Legoland via our travel agent. A very professional driver picked us up at our accommodation at the designated time and dropped us at Legoland Hotel just over an hour later. The travel time can vary depending on the queue at the border between Singapore and Malaysia. The pain of leaving Legoland was slightly eased by the Ninjago Lego themed car we managed to snag on our trip back to Singapore.

If you are interested in alternative transport options, check out the Legoland Malaysia website as it details other ways of getting to Legoland from Singapore including private and public bus.


Our Ninjago themed ride back to Singapore

The Long Awaited Arrival

Our boys were both very excited to see if the Legoland hotel was actually made of Lego. As we drove to the hotel entrance we were all amazed to see huge Lego figures and a Lego dragon greeting us. Our bags were taken by the very friendly porters and we were escorted into the incredible hotel lobby. It was impossible to miss the  huge Lego castle with a moat full of Lego and a massive pirate ship floating on nothing but thousands of Lego pieces. Our boys rushed up to the moat and not surprisingly started making up some Lego creations while Hubby checked us in.


The most amazing hotel lobby literally filled with Lego

We had a short wait until our room was ready which gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the hotel some more. There were a few retail shops selling all things Lego and our boys took careful note of a timetable with Lego themed activities and other entertainment to enjoy over the next few days. We then discovered a large play area filled with oversized Lego blocks and an Xbox with music and animated dance moves to follow. Our boys went crazy over making life sized cubbies and towers with the blocks. They joined in with other kids to help finish off their masterpieces and then had loads of fun playing with them before dramatically knocking them down as hard as they could!

Tip: Take a Lego mini figure from home to swap with one on the wall behind the check-in counter

Awesome Facilities

We had chosen to stay on the Adventure level of the hotel which is one of three themes to choose from when booking accomodation. After dragging the boys away from the Lego blocks, we entered the lift to find the walls painted with Lego figures, disco music playing and disco lights flashing. Our boys started to pull out their disco moves which had us in fits of laughter.

We all excitedly rushed into our hotel room (which looked like we had walked into a castle) to find adventure themed bunks for the boys and a medieval themed bed for hubby and I which had us in hysterics. We had an amazing view across the entire theme park which made us all very eager to get there. The boys soon found a note in their room which asked them to work out a code through a series of questions. The code was required to open up a big treasure chest which we eventually discovered had some Lego mini figures inside for them to take home. Part of the code included working out a puzzle on the wall of the boys bedroom (below their own TV!). They really do think of everything here!

Legoland facilities

Our boys were thrilled to find the bathroom had toothpaste, toothbrushes and other items wrapped in Lego themed packets. You will find all the features of a standard hotel room here such as a TV with movies, air conditioning and the free WiFi was a huge bonus. On the top level of the hotel is a large swimming pool with a smaller kids pool next to it filled with big floating Lego bricks. There were towels available to use at the pool and I made full use of the deck chairs to laze on poolside.

Kid-friendly Restaurants

There are three restaurants to choose from in the hotel and our favourite was Kai’s Sushi Bar. Our sushi cravings were totally satisfied by the delicious sushi made freshly before our eyes. The staff were very friendly, the service was impeccable and it was very reasonably priced.

The huge Brick’s Family Restaurant is where you will find a massive buffet breakfast for all guests which is included in the nightly accomodation rate. There is everything you could imagine including local cuisine, a hot cooked breakfast, cereal, pancakes and much much more to fill you up for most of the day. Our boys were more than happy to make the most of finding doughnuts among the offerings for breakfast.

We had the Kings’ Buffet for dinner at Brick’s one night. Again there was a large variety of food to choose from such as meats and veggies, barbecued satay sticks, soup, breads and seafood. The impressive dessert buffet was the highlight for us and we definitely got our money’s worth here choosing miniature slices, cakes, ice-cream and lollies from a lolly bar!


A small part of the massive dessert buffet at Brick’s Family Restaurant

There was also the opportunity for kids to design their own topping on a massive cookie. Thankfully our boys didn’t see this activity after they’d already eaten their way through half of the dessert bar. We loved the paper tablecloths covered with Lego characters and jokes, which the boys were encouraged to colour with the pencils provided.


Tablecloths to colour in and funny jokes to read

The third restaurant in the hotel is Di Mattoni serving up Italian Cuisine, however we didn’t eat here. We also noticed there were a few fast food restaurants outside the hotel including KFC.

Activities and Entertainment

The hotel staff impressively organise a variety of Lego themed activities and other entertainment for the kids (and adults) to enjoy during your stay.  Our eldest dude won an awesome Lego keyring, a special certificate and a badge for attempting a Lego speed challenge. The Lego keyring is now proudly hanging off his schoolbag. They loved following instructions in a folder to make a big Lego Ninja and we all were absolutely awestruck by The Magic Show. Our seven year old received a little Lego momento for putting his hand up to be the magician’s assistant and the act of the magician making a table rise up into the air just a metre in front of us was mesmerising.


Watching my eldest son do a Lego speed challenge in the hotel lobby

Legoland Theme Park

Water Park

As soon as we stepped outside at Legoland we discovered the weather was very hot and humid compared with Singapore. Consequently, our first stop after settling into our room, was the Legoland Water Park. They have everything covered here including a river to float on alongside Lego bricks, a Duplo play area for toddlers, a huge wave pool, slippery slides for all ages and a great interactive water play area with slides and tipping buckets.


The massive wave pool with life jackets available for the little ones

The large water slides are awesome for adrenaline junkies and both my hubby and seven year old loved the thrill of them. One of the highlights for me was watching our boys enthusiastically build a Lego boat to race down a river. They loved chasing the boats  madly to see who the winner was at the end and, if they didn’t win, they would modify the boat to perform better next time.


Racing Lego boats down a river over and over again

Theme Park

After spending the afternoon at the Waterpark, we went to the actual Theme Park the next day. The Theme Park itself is reasonably small and we managed to see pretty much all of it at a leisurely pace within about six hours. We stopped for breaks to have ice-creams, snacks and drinks during this time and we went on some of the rides multiple times (the Project X rollercoaster was by far my eldest sons favourite ride and he had my hubby going around and around four times over because there were no queues).

When we first eagerly entered Legoland we were greeted by a life-sized Lego Chef who high- fived the boys and the family photo we took with him is a perfect keepsake. At the entrance there are various shops to check out selling all things Lego including backpacks, kids cups and a huge range of keyrings you don’t see here in Australia.

The theme park is divided into seven different themes which are: Lego City, Lego Technic, Imagination, Miniland, Lego Ninjago World, Lego Kingdoms and Land of Adventure.

Lego City

My little dude’s highlight of the day was in Lego City where he jumped into a Lego car and drove it around a road three or four times. He had the biggest smile on his face the whole way around. There’s also the opportunity to purchase a drivers license for the kids here at the Driving School.

Just around the corner there is a bigger road circuit with actual intersections (including some which required giveway), which my older seven year old really enjoyed. We also loved the Lego boat ride and my little man went crazy over the Lego plane which he could make go up and down with the controls in front of him. Never mind that it made me feel slightly nauseous! The fire engine ride looked fun but exhausting for hubby, who had to physically pump their way to the site of the fire in the humid midday heat, where they hosed it out

Legoland themepark


Imagination was one of our highlights where you will find a range of activities and rides suitable for all ages. We all enjoyed chilling out together in the air conditioned observation tower ride, where you can get an amazing 360 degree view of the theme park and beyond. There is opportunity to escape the heat again at the Build and Test station. Here you put together a Lego vehicle and race it down a slope against other competitors. My eldest son loves a challenge and so he spent a long time diligently putting together a vehicle that ended up looking like an army truck with Lego jutting out from both sides to side swipe the competitors. It actually ended up winning every time and even bet Hubby’s invention he had carefully put together.

Imagination also has a large, bright and inviting Duplo playground especially great for toddlers. Here you will find climbing equipment, slides, vehicles and loads more to explore. My five year old and I enjoyed a fun miniature train ride here, which was well worth going on, just to see the big smile on his face.

Lego Technic

At Lego Technic the Star Wars interactive exhibition is absolutely amazing and has to be seen to be believed. The exhibit involves walking through seven different rooms each depicting scenes from each Star Wars movie in chronological order. The Star Wars scenes feature more than 2000 Lego models and at the push of a button, you can watch them come to life before your eyes. Our boys did not want to leave the Star Wars shop at the end which had every box of Star Wars Lego available. My little man chose to spend his Christmas money here on a Lego watch which is very cool.


Another favourite for my seven year old was the recently opened 4D Ninjago ride where the aim is to defeat the Great Devourer. Both our boys had the best time on the simulated horse ride at Lego Kingdoms and my eldest loved getting totally drenched on the Dino Island log flume ride at Land of Adventure. Last but not least, Miniland is where you will find true to life miniature versions of Asia’s iconic landmarks. We left Miniland until last and by this time we were all feeling a bit tired from our massive day out. We caught a glimpse of it as we headed towards the gate to leave and it looked fascinating.


  • I would definitely recommend checking the Singapore school term dates and coming outside school holidays. The local kids went back to school on 3rd January so the theme park was very quiet and there were pretty much no queues anywhere we went.
  • Don’t miss the build your own Lego mini figure in The Brick Shop located near the entrance. There are special Legoland mini figures to purchase which my boys loved taking home as a cheap souvenir. You can also purchase Lego by the colour and size if there is something in particular you need to add to your collection at home.
  • If your child is over 120cm they are able to go on all the rides. Our 5 year old did not meet this height restriction so there were a few of the bigger rides he couldn’t go on, or needed an adult to ride with him on some occasions. I would recommend visiting the Legoland Website prior to your visit and if you look under the heading Map & Explore, it provides details on the height restrictions for each ride.
  • We would suggest purchasing a two day Combo ticket which allows you to visit the water park and theme park. We felt one full day was needed for the theme park which allows you to take your time in the heat and to go on rides multiple times. The water park is great to stay cool in the humid temperatures and there’s lots to keep the family busy for at least three hours.
  • We first set foot in the theme park at midday on day one at Legoland and consequently we were able to visit for a few hours on the morning of our third day here, before we left to go back to Singapore. This completed our two day combo pass.

My boys are still talking about this amazing trip eight weeks later and we would love to take them back there again one day. Please feel free to ask any questions and I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.