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The Real Babycinos of Perth

By on February 27, 2017

Babycinos, cinos, fluffies – whatever you choose to call them, we love them for keeping our Boys occupied (even for a short moment) so that we can sit and enjoy OUR coffee!

Over the past few years we have ordered ALOT of babycinos in cafes across Australia and New Zealand. We have discovered there is a wide variation in the cost, how they are made, presented and what additional goodies they come with on the side or on the top!

This blog is only for the best babycinos we find on our travels in Perth. We will keep adding to the list as we continue to explore and if anyone has experienced a fantastic babycino in Perth, then please let us know about it!!

The majority of cafes seem to have the option to get a babycino served in a mini takeaway paper cup, so don’t let the photos of porcelain cups put you off if you have a toddler!

In no particular order these are the best babycinos we have come across in Perth so far:

1. The Lion and Jaguar – 7/29 Subiaco Square Rd, Subiaco

One of our first babycino finds in Perth and still a solid favourite.  This generous sized cino has just the right ratio of frothy milk and chocolate with two marshmallows on the side. My boys always drink this down in one gulp, so it must taste good!


2. Grasses – 115 Cambridge Street, West Leederville

Dainty and delicious. At Grasses the babycinos come served in this pretty porcelain cup and saucer. The elegance soon ends with my Boys plonking their one marshmallow on top and drinking it all in one. I’ll take that as a sign that it tastes as good as it looks!


3. Aliment Cafe – 170 Railway Parade, West Leederville

Marshmallows for miles! My boys were very excited to have this babycino arrive with loads of little marshmallows on the side. As soon as the saucer hit the table they had them piled on top ready to devour. Perfect!


4. Piccolos Corner – 58 St Leonards Ave, West Leederville

A babycino with a difference! This one comes in a glass bottle with a straw. It disappeared very quickly so it must taste devine.


5. The Sweet Remedy Cafe – 255A Oxford Street, Leederville

The cutest babycino we have come across! My little dude dunked the marshmallow in the milk, gulped it down and gave it a big thumbs up. He then proceeded to play in the cubby and draw on the enormous blackboard outdoors. A great little spot to take your kids.


6. Stockholm – Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Karrinyup

I’m always ordering lattes so I adore this mini me kids version of a latte. With lots of chocolate mixed in and two marshmallows on the side, my little dude told me he loved this babycino!


7. Jamaica Blue – Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Karrinyup

Perfectly located in a shopping centre, the awesome babycinos at this cafe come served with a big tower of milky froth, two marshmallows on the side and chocolate syrup mixed into warm milk. It is no surprise my little dude plonked both marshmallows in the froth and gulped it all down in one. He then proceeded to spoon out all of the remaining chocolate at the bottom of the cup! If you are looking for a real chocolatey treat for your little ones, this is the cafe to come to!!


8. The Kiosk Floreat Beach – Challenger Parade, City Beach

We love the concept of the ‘beach babycino’ which you can enjoy whilst sitting and watching the waves crashing on to the sand. It comes beautifully presented with two marshmallows on the side and my little dude loved it! There’s a fantastic playground right next door too.


9. Cookie Dough – 2 Avion Way, Claremont

The babycinos here are consistently great and are always given the thumbs up by my little man. There’s a bonus little play area beside the pavement for the kids too!


10. Koko Black – Claremont Quarter, Claremont (Also located at 140 William Street, Perth and most Cities across Australia)

We expected the babycino at Koko Black chocolatiers to be amazing and it was! It consists of frothy milk mixed with chocolate and a chocolate smiley face on the top. It also comes with a beautiful handmade dark chocolate or milk chocolate Teddy Pop on the side. My little dude loved dipping the Teddy Pop in his babycino so it melted before he ate it! So yummy and a bargain at $2.50.


11. Muffin Break – Westfield Innaloo, Innaloo (Multiple locations across Perth and Australia)

We love the babycinos here as they come served with a mini muffin on the side or marshmallows if you choose! A great option for your little ones when you are out shopping as most shopping centres have a Muffin Break in the foodcourt.


12. Oxford Yard – 196 Oxford Street, Leederville

The cutest babycino that comes served with heaps of frothy milk and shaved chocolate on top! The tiny teddy biscuit on the side was eaten up, as soon as the babycino was served on the table. This one is an absolute favourite!


13. Westend Deli – 95 Carr Street, North Perth

A tower of frothy milk, sprinkled with chocolate makes this babycino extra special. This babycino was made with lots of love by Westend Deli’s barista and we were all awestruck when we saw it coming to our table. It was obvious my little dude loved every second of this babycino experience!


14. San Churro – Rokeby Road, Subiaco (Multiple locations across Australia. Check for the location closest to you)

As you would expect from a chocolateria, the babycinos here are a decadent mix of rich chocolate and warm milk. There’s extra chocolate sprinkled on top of a thick layer of frothy milk and one marshmallow on the side. So yum!


15. JJ Kings – 117 Birkdale Street, Floreat

A quirky suburban cafe with beautifully presented babycinos which my little dude just loved! I judge the taste of a babycino by how quickly my little dude drinks it and whether he leaves any behind. Based on this criteria this babycino was devine!


16. Foam Coffee Bar – 130 Oxford Street, Leederville

One of our favourites! The coolest coffee shop serving up the best babycinos full of frothy milk and chocolate sprinkled on top. Your little ones will love getting a chocolate tiny teddy and a marshmallow on the side.


17. Hamptons City Beach – 179 Challenger Parade, City Beach

At Hamptons City Beach you will find a gorgeous casual deck beachside, perfect for chilling with your little ones and grabbing a babycino. Sandy feet and friendly dogs are also welcome here! The babycinos are served in a mini latte glass, complete with a Hamptons napkin, chocolate sprinkled on top and two marshmallows.


18. Lady Latte – 39 Edgehill Street, Scarborough

The most unique babycino we have come across so far is this awesome fairy floss creation at Lady Latte. My boys were super excited when it arrived at our table. They totally loved the sprinkles on top and it comes as no surprise that the fairy floss was a huge hit. Currently priced at $2.50 (March 2017) and they offer free refills!


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    June 1, 2017

    Have you been to Frisch and Barc in Como? Our first time the other day. We dropped in after an appointment and Miss C just loved her babychino. The first one ever to have the marshmallows toasted in front of you. The coffee was a little on the weak side for me, but the homemade chocolate and orange muffin was yummy!

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      June 14, 2017

      Hi, no I haven’t been to this cafe but I like the sound of the toasted marshmallows. We will have to give it a try! Thank you.